All Over The Map

Touring & recording musicians Lyman Medeiros (bass) & Kevin Winard (drums & percussion) perform “All Over The Map” with singer Steve Tyrell & share their stories of life on the road!

AOTM Episode 19 - Catalina Jazz Club (No It’s NOT A Rebroadcast, It’s New & Fresh - Like Laundry!)

March 2nd, 2017

Lyman and Kevin are nothing if not creatures of habit. Yes, yes, yes they know that lately they haven’t exactly been podcasting from ALL over the map but they are in fact, admittedly lazy. Hey what do you want for free? Having said this, they ONCE again come to you from their home away from home, Catalina Jazz Club in lovely and culturally diverse Hollywood, CA. Kevin turns 52 years old (ouch!), and Lyman talks about a burlesque gig he recently did. They both reflect on the sudden loss of the incredible artist Al Jarreau and also converse about Kevin’s annual NYC trip. Steve Tyrell then pops in to say hello and promotes his radio show, which airs 5-8PM PST Mon-Fri on AND the owner of Catalina’s herself, Catalina makes a cameo!


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