All Over The Map

Touring & recording musicians Lyman Medeiros (bass) & Kevin Winard (drums & percussion) perform “All Over The Map” with singer Steve Tyrell & share their stories of life on the road!

AOTM Episode 15 - Bethesda

May 20th, 2016

Can you believe it?! It's the 15th episode of All Over The Map! And to think they said it wouldn't last, (whoever THEY are)...In order to celebrate this little known tidbit Lyman and Kevin actually have come up with a themed podcast (their first one ever), and that theme is Media Blitz! Yes, dear listener it's all things media: Television shows, movies, books and of course music. So take an aural gander won't you and check out what the guys are into. And speaking of books, be sure to look into a fascinating one by Todd James Pierce entitled "Three Years InWonderland". Todd just so happens to be one of Kevin's best friends and not only is he an all around good egg but he is also an award winning author!

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