All Over The Map

Touring & recording musicians Lyman Medeiros (bass) & Kevin Winard (drums & percussion) perform “All Over The Map” with singer Steve Tyrell & share their stories of life on the road!

AOTM Episode 14 - Baltimore

May 11th, 2016

"When you walk through the garden..." In episode 14 Lyman and Kevin come to you from the home of HBO's hit series The Wire—that of course being Baltimore, Maryland.It's pretty much the Lyman show as he shares with you, dear listener, his 40th birthday trip to New Orleans and even more impressive his five day tour ofSeoul, Korea! They both reflect on the loss of the incredible musician, artist and superstar Prince and Kevin talks about how he almost ruined a great hang for the entire band at the world famous Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel in SanFrancisco. He also learns what the term "docking" means.

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