All Over The Map

Touring & recording musicians Lyman Medeiros (bass) & Kevin Winard (drums & percussion) perform “All Over The Map” with singer Steve Tyrell & share their stories of life on the road!

AOTM Episode 29 - Houston (NOT A REPEAT!)

September 20th, 2018

DISCLAIMER: The volume on the first 30 seconds of this particular podcast (after the intro), sucks because Kevin doesn’t know how to operate the new recording software on his iPhone. So there is that BUT it does get better so hang in there. PS You’re welcome.

The boys are back! It’s been a minute but Lyman and Kevin are coming to you dear listener from (for the second time), Houston! They had a whirlwind weekend first flying to OKC and performing at a new place called The Jones Assembly, If you’re in the area you MUST go! They have incredible food, wonderful musical acts and the venue is nothing short of fantastic. Steve Tyrell and the band were treated like royalty as they always are by The Three Amigos; Fred Hall, David Hornbeek and Ray Hibbard. The following morning they flew to Houston and performed at the Stafford Center.

Lyman complains about how much he hates built in GPS in cars and Kevin talks about seeing his old friend Bernadette Hilario and her beautiful family. She was for many years the road manager with Doc Severinsen while Kevin toured with him. Lyman and Kevin then reminisce about a recent show that they played at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, CA. Kevin and his girlfriend get a serious hook up from friend and fan of the band Cathy LaFever to go see John Williams conduct The LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl and the following week Lyman also goes to the Bowl but to see the great Harry Connick Jr. 

The boys do a recording for singer Dan Olivos’ upcoming release and Lyman brags about his first ever arrangement for horns and is SO proud of it he can’t even remember the title of the song. Brilliant. 

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