All Over The Map

Touring & recording musicians Lyman Medeiros (bass) & Kevin Winard (drums & percussion) perform “All Over The Map” with singer Steve Tyrell & share their stories of life on the road!

AOTM Episode 25 - Toscana, Italia!

October 4th, 2017

Buona Sera! Hey hey hey, it’s the twenty-fifth episode of All Over The Map and as promised Lyman and Kevin recorded it in BEAUTIFUL Toscana, Italia at the gorgeous Monteverdi, Tuscany! (
The boys decided to try something new and asked many of the folks who stayed the week at Monteverdi as well as some of the employees to join in on the festivities and talk about some of their favorite moments. As always, there’s plenty of ball busting to go around and also there were some very special guests like Lauren Tyrell who just so happens to be the boss’s daughter, her husband Nathan who is one of the funniest people on the planet and brand spankin’ new newlyweds Glenn and Rene Allan! The Chief Financial Officer and all around good egg, Steve Abbott explains the origins of Monteverdi and Kevin espouses the talents of his girlfriend’s driving techniques. After all she IS Asian…Francisco Trejo who works with the owner of Monteverdi (Michael Cioffi), takes things up a notch by offering to hire another band for next year’s events and THEN proceeds to spill his wine all over Kevin. Good times indeed! Lyman chimes in on Jon Allen’s marvelous navigational skills and Jon’s better half Abigail shares her favorite experiences. The lovely Karin Lindenberg from Germany warms our heart by contributing a beautiful and poignant moment and finally, Bob Mann may or may not have pushed his wife down a flight of stairs.
It’s noisy and raucous BUT an amazing time was had by all! We hope you enjoy…
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